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Despite Uncertainty, Tokyo Olympics Promoted as Light at End of Pandemic Tunnel

There are a lot of measures needed to make the Tokyo Olympics happen as COVID cases rise in U.S. and lockdowns in Europe.

President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach emphasized nothing but optimism for the 2021 summer games in Tokyo. Mr. Bach described the games as “the light at the end of this pandemic tunnel.”.

With the COVID vaccine to be distributed next month, is a good start for the committee to understand. How available the vaccine will be to Olympians next summer is still a wonder in the air.

With Japan having closed borders since April, what will the travel restrictions be if the Olympic Games are on? Will families of athletes be able to travel, will fans be able to travel? There are too many questions that can’t be answered just yet.

Organizers of the games are outlining certain scenarios they can put athletes in the ensure they have as much safety in regards to the virus as possible. Organizers are planning out quarantine when athletes arrive and how long an athlete can stay in one area while at the games.

While it is an honor to host the Olympic Games, it is a big financial boost for countries and cities. It is estimated that Japan has spent 26 billion dollars on the games already, which is a huge chunk of cash.

Beijing Olympics in 2008 made China 3.6 billion dollars while it cost 40 billion to do. At this rate, Tokyo may continue to loose a money if the games are postponed.

Nothing is in concrete as officials are making scenarios and are optimistic about the games beginning in the summer of 2021.

COVID case number may spike, they may lessen, the vaccine might be the cure, or the virus will be completely gone. No one knows what will happen but the world is ready for the light that the Olympic Games can provide.

I thought the lead was well written. Up front about how officials are optimistic abut the 2021 olympics happening. Good spirited article for people to look forward too.

Audience is very large as many people in the US are interested in the olympics as well as people around the world.

I thought the story was well written. Did not include information about what events will happen or some start athletes that will be leading the U.S. I guess that’s not the concern though as COVID is the hot topic.

I wouldn’t change a lot with the article. It was a little long.

November 19, 2020

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