Paper 2 Final Draft

Due to inability to settle on an agreement over a bill, Congress shut down the government as of October 1st, meaning that many government agencies, namely congress, will be sending their employees home. Agencies that are deemed essential will continue their workload.

This has been the 40th attempt by Republicans to defund Obamacare, allegedly the bill in dispute. Nick Brincks, a politically involved Morningside Student, says that the Republicans are “acting like babies.”

So far, the shutdown mostly just affects Washington D.C., but if the shutdown continues for a couple weeks, it could begin to affect more.

“I’m not worried about it right now,” says Michael Lewis, another Morningside Student, “but if it goes on, to the point where they stop funding financial, I might start worrying a little.” If the shutdown lasts for more than a week, it could severely curtail the cash flow to federal financial aid.

Brincks had stated that the Republicans are “putting the economy on the line” by using the shutdown as a means to defund Obamacare. He suggests that everyone gives Obamacare a chance.

Brincks also states, “Because they keep trying to repeal it… The republicans are looking like brats.” When asked about his political views, he said that he leans more toward the Democratic side.


#1   Ben on 10.08.13 at 13:43

I never got that interview with McKinlay. I e-mailed him, but he never responded. I went by his office, and asked others around him what was going on, and they said they didn’t really know. His office door was open a day after he left, and everything looks like he was supposed to be there, but he wasn’t there.

This *might* be an issue of concern, but I also might just be getting to McKinlay at all the wrong times.

#2   fuglsang on 10.09.13 at 14:36

Did you look to see if he was hiding behind the door?

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