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I need to get more organized with these news comment titles

Article in Question: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/moose-eating-shark-rescued-in-newfoundland-harbour-1.2434102

Now this is a story that caught my attention. The gist of the story: A man is driving down the road when he sees what he thinks is a beached whale. Upon closer inspection, he sees that it’s a shark on shore with a giant chunk of moose in its mouth. The man, with the help of another passerby, pulls the chunk out and gets the shark in deep enough water to swim again. Witnesses applauded upon the sharks departure.

It’s funny, because scientists later mentioned how it might have been better to have left the chunk in the sharks mouth, to reduce risk of getting bitten by it, as well as the fact that the shark may have been going weeks without food, and wasn’t actually choking on the chunk of moose, but had just gotten that far to shore to get it. Regardless, what these guys did was PRETTY manly. I can only imagine how their buddies would try to top this story over a few drinks (Yeah, I know, I took that from the article).

Personally, I would like to see a movie made out of this. Maybe a mash-up of Jaws and Free Willy. I don’t know. Regardless, this is something that can easily be a conversation piece.

Cactus out.

News Comment 11-14-13

Article in Question: http://www.digitalspy.com/celebrity/news/a508189/matt-damon-i-get-mistaken-for-mark-wahlberg-all-the-time.html

So apparently this is a thing. People legitimately confuse Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg. This has come to the point where the two have had to confer about it to figure out how to resolve such a situation. It has come to the point where they actually pretend to be each other and sometimes even fake signatures.

Now I know this is a short article and anything in this that makes it longer than the article itself is expected to be fluff, but do you honestly think that the two look so alike that people confuse them? Wouldn’t it likely be possible that, upon hearing their voices, that they’d be able to tell the difference.

Maybe I’m just an audio guy, but Damon speaks in a distinctively lower voice in the register that Wahlberg very rarely uses. Not to mention the Bostonian accent that Wahlberg sometimes sports. Maybe I’m just being to analytical/cynical (cynalyitical?) about it.

Boy Emotionally Damages Terrorist

Article In Question

So I figured since the last article I read might not be considered news to some (at least not pressing news), I figured that I would go back to Reddit as a news source. Fortunately, I found an article that, as some redditors might say, gave me some feels.

The story was about an English boy in Kenya that had called a terrorist a “bad man” for shooting his mother in the thigh. The terrorist seemed to understand this little boy’s unhappiness, proceeded to give him and his sister each a mars bar, and let the family leave. There are more details in this story that tug on your heartstrings, but I do not feel it appropriate to share them here.

What I find most interesting, though, is that whilst the family is leaving (with two other children), the gunman pleaded for forgiveness, saying that he and his companions “are not monsters.” For me, this really showed a different perspective.

This man was not killing simply for the sake of killing; he was doing his religious duty. Yes, his religious duty was extreme and very considerably immoral, but that’s not how he viewed it. I can’t imagine the pain that this man must have felt when he saw how negatively people reacted to what he thought was the right thing to do.

Now I’m not saying that Islam is a good religion and we should all be Muslim jihad extremists, but maybe we should stop to think that they have feelings too. All in all, though, I would have to say that the little boy is the hero of this story. He was not afraid to stand up for what he thought was right (in a peaceful way), even if it cost him his life, and he managed to produce some fine results. I highly suggest reading this article.

Babies Making Assumptions


My computer has this neat little app that allows me to find news, and I am kicking myself for not thinking about using it earlier. I found a particularly interesting article about the psychology of infants and their innate knowledge of basic biology. Don’t worry, I didn’t believe it at first either.
Apparently, infants as young as 8 months were subject to experiments in which toys were opened to reveal that they were hollow. There was a mix of toys that moved, were fuzzy, both, and neither. When the moving/fuzzy toys were opened up, the infants stared longer at the toys as opposed to the ones that were not moving/fuzzy.
This is based on the assumption that the babies are assuming the moving/fuzzy toys are animals, which would make sense when considering biology. The article also went on about how infants knew basic physics and such, but that was not the main point. Scientists are still trying to figure out what evolutionary advantage exists within knowing that animals have guts.

Cactus out.