Boy Emotionally Damages Terrorist

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So I figured since the last article I read might not be considered news to some (at least not pressing news), I figured that I would go back to Reddit as a news source. Fortunately, I found an article that, as some redditors might say, gave me some feels.

The story was about an English boy in Kenya that had called a terrorist a “bad man” for shooting his mother in the thigh. The terrorist seemed to understand this little boy’s unhappiness, proceeded to give him and his sister each a mars bar, and let the family leave. There are more details in this story that tug on your heartstrings, but I do not feel it appropriate to share them here.

What I find most interesting, though, is that whilst the family is leaving (with two other children), the gunman pleaded for forgiveness, saying that he and his companions “are not monsters.” For me, this really showed a different perspective.

This man was not killing simply for the sake of killing; he was doing his religious duty. Yes, his religious duty was extreme and very considerably immoral, but that’s not how he viewed it. I can’t imagine the pain that this man must have felt when he saw how negatively people reacted to what he thought was the right thing to do.

Now I’m not saying that Islam is a good religion and we should all be Muslim jihad extremists, but maybe we should stop to think that they have feelings too. All in all, though, I would have to say that the little boy is the hero of this story. He was not afraid to stand up for what he thought was right (in a peaceful way), even if it cost him his life, and he managed to produce some fine results. I highly suggest reading this article.

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#1   fuglsang on 10.02.13 at 14:39

I have a hard time believing the shooter felt anything, especially not remorse. But take this further, Ben. By printing this story do you think the newspaper is suggesting some terrorist are good? Is this a good PR story for armed gangs? Or is this simply praising the bravery of a child?

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