About Me

I write things and journalize sometimes. I’m not overly fond of talking about myself either. If you must know, ┬ájust ask. I’ve considered filling this page with mindless rhetoric, but I imagine not too far into this page, you would realize that you are not going to find out anything about me from this page. Unless you’re wishing to read my mindless rhetoric. In which case, feel free to stay, have a seat, feel free to take a beverage out of the fridge. Don’t get too comfortable though, because then it will be harder to leave, and that may make you late for work. If you were late for work, that might be your last warning and could give you in an easy position to get fired, and I wouldn’t want that to happen to you.
So do well in school, work hard, and take care of yourself. Because I don’t want to be held responsible for you.