Da Kao

It was the start of week two of this three week tour of Sioux City, and Mondays stop brought us to a familiar spot of town from last week. We made it up to a Vietnamese restaurant off 7th and Hamilton, called Da Kao. This restaurant was located no more than a hop, skip and a jump away form Red Bones, which is where we visited for lunch last week. The appearance of the place was not flashy or glamorous but once you get inside you find yourself a typical looking Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant. The service was on top of their game once they saw us walk in, the food came out about as fast as they talked. The menu however made me feel like I was reading a textbook that professor Elder required of us, I’m just hoping for no quiz on it.

After making it through the menu, I finally narrowed it down to combination fried rice with Vietnamese sausage. It had its own unique name that I did not even begin to try to butcher to the waiter. Along with that I ordered a couple appetizers, one egg roll and two crab rangoon. I washed that all down with their freshly squeezed lemonade. As for the price of this all, you could walk in there with a five dollar bill and come out stuffed.





Once the food arrived, it sure was what I was expecting. Looked just like Chinese food I would get at any restaurant that served that. The smell of mine was very intriguing compared to others in the class that made me almost want to backhand them for bringing that smell to the table. Each bite had its own unique flavors, some good and some not so good. Overall though the taste was good, but what really surprised me was their homemade lemonade. It was definitely some of the better tasting lemonade I have had lately. Vietnamese food is really interesting and unique, I kept it on the safer side when ordering. Looking at others meals was very interesting, a lot of the others got the common Vietnamese dish called pho, which is a dish consisting of broth, noodles, and variety of meats. I think if I go back again I would have to give that a try.

Overall, Da Kao was a different change of pace compared to what we have been eating. Overall the food and service was good. Its always good to get out there and try something out of the ordinary, you’ll never know if you like it till you try it.






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