Red Bones

When I was told our class was eating at Red Bones, I think everyone may of had the same opinion as me. What in the world is Red Bones? Red Bones is a family owned restaurant up north just off 7th and Hamilton. They are a new soul food restaurant that is known for their chicken, and what I found out was their catfish. When arriving at the restaurant it had a rough exterior which gave the place some good character. It was a seat yourself place, but there was not that much seating, so it could fill up fast. The service was very friendly and were right there if we needed anything.


Side ways wall art

The menu was one-sided and was very simple and right to the point. Everything was reasonably priced for a nice meal. I asked the waitress what she recommended since I was new to the whole soul food scene. She recommended either the catfish, burger, or chicken. So I picked her brain some more and she kept saying it’s all good. Which made me think either she eats a lot or she was just saying it’s good to make me hurry up and order. I decided to go with the chicken fried chicken, for my sides I got mac and cheese, and my other side was their homemade fries.


The finished product

Upon first appearance I was expecting a much bigger portion of each of the three. But after digging into the chicken it was much thicker than expected. It was a homemade breading and one juicy piece of chicken. The homemade fries were some of the best tasting fries I have had in a while. My other side dish which was mac and cheese, was also homemade and was very delicious. It was not your typical Kraft Mac-n-cheese. Based off looking at everyone elses food, I don’t think you could go too wrong with anything on the menu.

To sum up Red Bones, my first time experience was above and beyond what my expectations were. If i was to go back again I would definitely try the catfish. But If you are looking for a new place in town to go eat and want to get some good soul food in you without going to far out of your way, then go no further than up on 7th and Hamilton at Red Bones Cafe.

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