Mega City Mall Disaster

At 9:50AM this morning an explosion occurred at the Mega City Mall food cafeteria.

Initial injury numbers from the explosion were less than 100 but with 2 fatalities. St. Mercy and Jean-Luc hospitals hold several individuals with fire and smoke inhalation along with minor injuries.

Madison Hartman, a mall custodian injured at the scene, said as she picked up her mop she heard a “ka boom” out of nowhere and a chair flew and hit her in the collar bone.

Mall Security said that a Briar Cliff student named Nik was the mastermind behind this Mega Mall disaster. He brought donuts into the mall and gave one to another man in the food court and it exploded in his mouth. Mall security mentioned that “Nik was the mastermind behind it all.”

One 12 year old child that lost her dad was in the food court getting Taco Bell when the explosion happened. She then fled the mall, along with many others, still not having any idea where her dad could be.

No other details have been released about the explosion at this time.

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