Texas man robs bank day before his wedding to afford ring

A Texas man, by the name of Heath Edward Bumpous, decides to rob a bank in order to pay for the wedding ring; a day before the wedding. Later, his fiancée found out by seeing surveillance pictures that were posted by the police of him, recognizing him right away. 

Instead of a wedding, Bumpous was charged with robbery. Bumpous said that he needed money for the ring, but also money for the wedding venue. Later, his fiancée got in touch with him and asked if he really did rob a bank, but she knew it was him. 

Bumpous turned himself into the courthouse with his gun, along with the money that was stolen. He is now in custody and charged with aggravated robbery. There is no other information on if the couple is still planning to get married or not. 

This news article got my attention because of how weird and different the title was; I had to know more. In class we talked about “newsworthiness” and I was thinking to myself if this article is newsworthy? Does it affect people in Texas/surrounding area? Probably not, but it is still an interesting and funny article to read. 


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