“Report On Racism, But Ditch The Labels”

The NPR addresses many issues on racism and how Journalists should address racism. The writer of the article stressed the idea that journalists need to stick to facts and hard evidence, rather than opinions when it comes to labeling people. Rather than be objective, journalists need to stick to facts and not their bias to label individuals (whether that be an ordinary person or a person in power). I believe that what they are saying is correct. I believe that all reporters, instead of being objective with opinions, should use facts and prior knowledge when describing or labeling an individual. What person actually gets to draw the line on what is racist or not? There cannot be a single person that does so, so no single person can rightfully objectify another person as racist based on their sole opinion.

This basically means that the media and journalists need to understand that they are not the deciding factor on what is racist and where the line is drawn for racism. Media and journalists need to understand that they do not get to label individuals however they personally see fit. Also, as the article mentions, journalists should stop with the phrases of “racially charged or insensitive” and stick with what it is truly called, racist. To sum it all up, the media and media members are not the ones who determine what labels should be given to certain individuals in highly contested situations. 

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