Niklas Gustav

Meet Niklas Gustav, a Morningside football player from Hamburg, Germany. He was born and raised in Germany along with his brother that currently plays football at Colorado University. Niklas lived in Germany for nineteen years of his life, attending school and playing his favorite sport, football. After those years, eventually he moved to California his senior year of high school to again, pursue football. After that time in California, he received a football scholarship that he couldn’t pass up from Morningside College.

Niklas is majoring in Business Finance with a minor in Sports Management. In the near future he hopes to work with a sports team someday, or coach football. When asked his top three things he loves about Sioux City he said, “It’s small, but close to big towns like Omaha, the food options, and all of the bodies of water to tube and boat around”.  If you ever want to meet Niklas, you can probably catch him playing sports or hanging out with his friends somewhere! 

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