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Dec 07 2017

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Mega City Mall Story

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There was an explosion early this morning at the Mega City Mall. The center of the explosion was located near the food court and near Dairy Queen.

About 100 people are injured in the explosion with fire and smoke inhalation with other severe and non-life threatening injuries, according to the Mega City Police Department’s report. The report also states that two people have died from the explosion.

At this time, there no new updates to the injured and all are being treated at St. Mercy and Jean-Luc hospitals. The damage to the mall property and the extent of it not known at the moment.

Sgt Fuglsang said, “The investigation is ongoing at this time. The names of the deceased will not be released at this moment. We are notifying their loved ones of their passing.”

Sgt Fuglsang did give some details of the deceased. One is a male from Sgt Bluff, and the other is a woman from Mega City.

Homeland Security will help out in the investigation of the explosion. More federal law enforcement agencies will work alongside the Mega City Police Department.

The Mega City Mall said that “Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who were injured today, and to their families. MCM will be closed while we assist law enforcement’s investigation of this tragic event.”

A retired police officer, a witness to the explosion, said that “it was pretty chaotic.” She was able to help as many people leave the mall as possible.

There are reports that a 12-year-old boy was missing in the mall when the explosion happened. Sgt Fuglsang stated that the child has “not been found yet.”

Another press conference is scheduled today at 3 PM to update the public on any new information into the investigation of the Mega City Mall explosion.




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Dec 05 2017

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Press Release Assignment

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Reilly Mahon


Morningside College

1501 Morningside Ave

Sioux City, Iowa 51106

Morningside Student selected for internship with Chuck Grassley.

December 5, 2017


Nat Simpson has been selected to intern for Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

She is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She currently studies Graphic Design at Morningside College.

She applied by an application that had a get-to-know section and short essay about why she wants to be an intern for Chuck Grassley.

She will be learning what it is like to work in the federal government and work for a Senator.

Over 1,000 people applied for this internship. She stood out by her many hours of volunteer work in her hometown.

The internship will be six weeks long and will start in February of 2018.

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Nov 17 2017

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Mari Pizzini: A Long Way from Home

A young woman from Montana comes into the Fundamentals of Journalism classroom, ready to learn something new she didn’t know before.

Her name is Mari Pizzini, and she’s initially from Helena, Montana. Helena, Montana is 971 miles from Sioux City, Iowa.

She graduated from Helena High in June of 2017. She is a freshman and came to Morningside on a scholarship in bowling, which is a new program at Morningside.

It is unique and uncommon to be a bowler in Montana. She is the first in the state and the second girl in Montana to get a bowling scholarship.
That’s the reason why she came to Iowa. The bonus is that her boyfriend also got a scholarship from Morningside College and came with her to Sioux City.

Back in Helena, she in the high school band for six years, playing the clarinet, which is something that we have in common. Her first dream job was to be a band teacher.

She is a double major in Mass Communications and English at Morningside College; she has a lot on her plate at the moment. She wants to do two majors.

She says, “I wanted to do English and Music originally, and I want to be an editor one day. So, I decided to go with English and Mass Communications instead to have more abilities as an editor.”

Her dream job is to be an editor for a publishing company. She mentioned Penguin publishing company and wants to edit magazines too.

“It is hard to do a double major sometimes,” she said, “18 credits is not easy to do in a semester.”

She says that she’s earning 16 credits this semester. But for the rest of her time at Morningside, she’ll be working towards 18 credits a semester.

She talked a little bit about her position on the bowling team. She is the fourth position, which means that she sets up the anchor and makes sure that the fifth spot performs well.

I asked her what’s has changed about her since coming from Montana to Iowa and going to Morningside College this semester.

She said, “I have become more responsible. I have been meeting new people this semester. I like Sioux City better than Helena because there’s no snow on the ground right now. Helena already has about half to a foot of snow.”




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Nov 15 2017

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Talk to a not-so-complete stranger

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Her name is Dayana Carbo. She’s a full-time student at Morningside College.

Her major is sociology. She doesn’t feel invisible to other students. The reason is that she likes to be around people.

One interesting fact about Dayana is that she was born in New York and was raised in Ecuador until she was ten. She moved back to the United States.

She’s married and has one child, a daughter. Her daughter will turn four in January.

The most challenging part of being a mom is “being more afraid of her future.” The reason is that the world is not a safe place anymore.

She also afraid of everything for her daughter because she wants to make sure that her daughter will be alright in the world when she gets older.

Being married and in college at the same time is challenging for Dayana. She wants to hang out, party, and be more involved on campus if she’s single, but loves being a mom.

Balancing the roles of mom, wife, and student is sometimes impossible to do, but it depends on the day. She says that “she loves having those roles and wouldn’t change anything about it.”

For Dayana, family life is very significant to her. She wants to make sure that she’s able to be there for her daughter anytime.

One fact that surprised me when interviewing her is that she loves being in college. She loves being around educated people.

She said that “college is a nice break from being around her husband and daughter.”

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Nov 02 2017

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Emma Watson Story

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Emma Watson promotes change in gender inequality for women and talks about her struggles as an activist yesterday at the annual One Young World summit.

She was there speaking profoundly about gender inequality for women and the feminist movement. These causes are very personal for her because of how much it means to have equality in society.

Watson’s speech started with her talking about her start and growth as an activist. She’s only been an activist for about two years. She talked about how it scary for her to speak out about something important like equality.

She said, “We, the entire spectrum of the feminist movement, are building an unstoppable current, for which we need ripples of hope from every age, race, ability, walk of life, every human experience.”

She also spoke about how she is going to improve every day as an activist. She described this in only seven sentences that help her continue as an activist.

She said, “These seven statements scare the absolute sh*t out of me. But I know that they are at the crux of it all.”

Emma Watson is an award-winning British actress in Hollywood. She rose to fame with the Harry Potter series movies. She has done several films outside of the Harry Potter movies.

She is also a UN Messenger of Peace. This title means that distinguished individuals are helping put the focus of the world on the work that the United Nations is doing.

One Young World is a United Kingdom non-profit organization that bring young leaders around the world to help deliver solutions to the world’s most significant problems.

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Oct 24 2017

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Couple Story

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Oct 17 2017

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Science Savenger Hunt

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There is a recent discovery of how breast cancer forms inside of women’s bodies, according to

Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic have uncovered differences in the bacterial com-pos-ition of healthy breast tissue vs. cancerous breast tissue. They have discovered that healthy breast tissue contains more of the bacterial species, Methy-lo-bac-te-rium, then cancerous breast tissue.

Charis Eng, M.D., Ph.D., co-senior author of this research said, “Our hope is to find a biomarker that would help us diagnose breast cancer quickly and easily.”

This finding could offer a new perspective on how breast cancer occurs in the body.

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Oct 05 2017

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Media Comparison (News Comment 7)

-ABC News

The broadcast video goes straight to the headline and gives the central detail where people want to be tuned in to watch. The print story has the lead that is the State Department spokesperson talking to the press.

The length and content of the video are bringing information in about two minutes but also the most important details first.

The print story’s length and content are updating readers on the situation between Tillerson and Trump. The article is longer than the video, and the material in the print story is more detailed than the video.

Both the video and story use sources and quotes from the State Department spokesperson, Tillerson, Trump, and Trump’s tweet.

The print used sources like NBC News and a quote from an NBC report. The video used a quote from GOP Senator Bob Corker.

Both the print and video used attribution correctly to tell the readers where these quotes and sources.

Print and video can tell the viewers/readers where these came from and showed proof by linking the source in the story and having clips of that person(s) speaking.

The role of sounds and pictures help the audience see what is being talked about and see what the person(s) look like and match the voice to a face.

Something interesting about comparing the print story to a broadcast video is how they are both about the same topic and article but also can be two entirely different stories at the same time too.

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Sep 26 2017

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Observation Exercise: The Library

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The library is big, almost empty, and quiet. The library has two levels where there are no classrooms, just places to study.

The first level has more chairs, tables, and open space for students to move around. This level only has two full bookcases.

The second level has the 23 bookcases full of books for almost all classes. There is some space on this level to study but not as much as the first tier.

The library is peaceful and relaxing to go to after a long day of classes. The library doors open and close and people walking up and down the stairs are loud and easily distracting sounds for someone who’s studying.

Students come and go in the library. Some of them walk through to get to their next class. While others walk to find a place to do their homework.

The main sounds of the library are people walking, their car keys moving with their backpacks, setting their bags down, and going through the backpacks to find what they need to help them study.s

Some conversations are going on in the library but can barely understand them. Once in a while, a conversation can get very loud to where everyone in the library can hear every detail of that conversation.

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Sep 26 2017

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Observation Exercises

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Describe a person you talked to before class

She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and about 5’5″. Her face was red because she was stressing about balancing school and work at the same time.

She was wearing a green sweatshirt and gray sweatpants. She had on black and pink tennis shoes.

She was carrying a black and light-blue backpack, which was full. She was also carrying a black water bottle with a sky-blue ring around it.


Describe the foods next to you

The donut is in the shape of a ball. The image of the donut is chocolate with some sugar sprinkled all around.

It is soft and squishy. It tastes like more chocolate and sugar.

The creme de Pirouline wafer is cream filled. They are fragile and hard.

It is a stick with a chocolate swirl around the wafer.

There is also dark chocolate inside the wafers. It tastes like more wafers than dark chocolate.


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