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Sep 06 2018

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Rewrite Mole Day story lede

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Original lede: “On Oct. 23, chemists around the world come together to celebrate a sacred holiday amongst their profession: Mole Day. On that same day, millions of non-chemists look in confusion as chemists wish them a happy Mole Day.”

Revision #1: For chemists, Oct. 23 is a day that celebrates a sacred holiday, called Mole Day. For non-chemists, Oct. 23 it is just another day in the month.

Revision #2: Mole Day is a holiday that is not well-known to many people, but for chemists, it is an essential holiday to be celebrated.

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Sep 06 2018

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Rewriting lede

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Original Lede: “Jacobson was the head of a sprawling network of mobsters, psychics, strip-club owners, convicts, drug traffickers, and even a family of Mormons, who had falsely claimed more than $24 million in cash and prizes.”

The lede works because it shows how huge this conspiracy actually is and how many people it took to rig the Monopoly game. It grabbed my attention by mentioning the different groups of people that helped Jackson and how much money and prizes were falsely claimed.

New ways to write lede:

Topical: Jerome Jackson and his crew had falsely claimed more than $24 million dollars in cash and prizes in 12 years from the McDonald’s Monopoly Game.

Topical: More than $24 million was falsely claimed in cash and prizes from the McDonald’s Monopoly game by one man and his large network of connections.

Contrast: It took mobsters, strip-club owners, convicts, psychics, drug traffickers, and a family of Mormons to help one man steal cash and prizes that are worth more than $24 million from the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

Question: How can someone or even large groups of people working together steal over $24 million in cash and prizes from the Monopoly game at McDonald’s?

Question/Contrast: Why would someone go through all the trouble to have lots of people help him steal millions of dollars from a game?




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Sep 04 2018

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Discuss characters, narrative structure, and themes from an article

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Characters – Les Moonves-main character, Illeana Douglas-alleged victim number 1, Janet Jones-alleged victim number two, Christine Peters- victim number three, a prominent actress- victim number 4, Dinah Kirgo- victim number five, former child actress Kimberly-victim number six, CBS workers accused of sexual harassment, Jeff Fager- executive producer of ’60 Minutes’

Narrative Structure – Starts out with who Les Moonves is, then goes straight into the allegations, then the history of the allegations, how long CBS and it’s current and former workers knew about this, Moonves statement about the allegations, CBS statement about the allegations, CBS vs. Viacom, and Douglas’ allegation against Moonves. CBS statement about Moonves trying to kiss Douglas but denies any sexual harassment, continuing Douglas’ allegation, Jones’ allegation against Moonves, Peters’ allegation against Moonves, and a prominent actress’ allegation against Moonves. Dinah Kirgo’s allegations against Moonves, Kimberly’s allegations against Moonves, how CBS handles sexual harassment allegations and what they do about it, CBS workers accused of sexual harassment, claims against Fager, how Fager covered up accusations against other CBS workers, and how sexual harassment happens all across Hollywood.

Themes – Sexual harassment in Hollywood and how television stations handle sexual harassment claims

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Aug 29 2018

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Find a story and give it a different spin

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Story: The N.F.L. Stiff-Armed Trump. Now He Is Heckling From the White House. – The New York Times

Five additional feature-ish stories that can come out of this story:

  1. How has politics affected sports since Trump came into office?
  2. Why is politics in every aspect of life since Trump became President?
  3. Can politics be removed from anything from sports to entertainment to everyday conversations?
  4. When can sports be just sports again?
  5. How do sports like football feel about all this attention on them because of the President?

The one that I would like to do most is number three. The reason is that ever since the 2016 presidential election, politics have become the basis of news in every aspect and Trump or his administration is in the headlines every single day.

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Aug 29 2018

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Story Ideas for Health and Entitlement

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Health: Detection of breast cancer genetics in younger women

What can women do when they’re younger to detect if they have any breast cancer genetics?

When they found out if they do have the genetics, what changes do they need to make to give themselves better chances of not having breast cancer?

Sources: online medical websites dedicated to women’s health and breast cancer

Quotes: young women who may or may not have the genetics, women that didn’t know about the genetics, campus nurse, doctors that studied breast cancer


Entitlement: Ways of seeing someone who’s entitled

How to detect if someone believes that they are entitled to anything and everything?

In what ways can anyone see an entitled person around them in public, friends, or family members?

Sources: online websites that have articles about entitlement and the mental history behind entitlement qualities

Quotes: People who have seen entitled people, people who have dealt personally with entitled people, and entitled people themselves

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Aug 28 2018

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What is a story? Why do we need them?

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A story is a piece in a newspaper, newscast, or news updates that can capture the attention of readers when they are the least expecting it or the most when it is essential to know what’s going on. A story is something that doesn’t come to someone in a second but tells the reader that there is something to learn, something to gain from reading it. For writers, it takes revisions after revisions to have the right version of the story before it ever gets published. The time frame of a story can be short or long depending on what the writer wants to get out of the story.

We need stories to take our minds off of what the world is around for some time. The stress and the worries of life are gone when reading them. Stories can help the readers anywhere in the world by just the use of words. Stories can either relax or gain knowledge for readers. They bring a sense of why the topic or character is important enough to be read. Stories fill in the gaps of what’s happening in the world and the media; they will always intrigue viewers and readers.


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Aug 27 2018

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Five questions I urgently need answered

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  1. Why does it seem like there’s not enough time to get eight hours of sleep?
  2. Why is some chocolate food considered good for you and others considered bad?
  3. Why are shootings happening more and more often?
  4. What is the best way to not fall asleep in class at 2:30 in the afternoon?
  5. When does the homework stop being so annoying to students after school starts?

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Dec 07 2017

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Mega City Mall Story

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There was an explosion early this morning at the Mega City Mall. The center of the explosion was located near the food court and near Dairy Queen.

About 100 people are injured in the explosion with fire and smoke inhalation with other severe and non-life threatening injuries, according to the Mega City Police Department’s report. The report also states that two people have died from the explosion.

At this time, there no new updates to the injured and all are being treated at St. Mercy and Jean-Luc hospitals. The damage to the mall property and the extent of it not known at the moment.

Sgt Fuglsang said, “The investigation is ongoing at this time. The names of the deceased will not be released at this moment. We are notifying their loved ones of their passing.”

Sgt Fuglsang did give some details of the deceased. One is a male from Sgt Bluff, and the other is a woman from Mega City.

Homeland Security will help out in the investigation of the explosion. More federal law enforcement agencies will work alongside the Mega City Police Department.

The Mega City Mall said that “Our hearts and thoughts go out to those who were injured today, and to their families. MCM will be closed while we assist law enforcement’s investigation of this tragic event.”

A retired police officer, a witness to the explosion, said that “it was pretty chaotic.” She was able to help as many people leave the mall as possible.

There are reports that a 12-year-old boy was missing in the mall when the explosion happened. Sgt Fuglsang stated that the child has “not been found yet.”

Another press conference is scheduled today at 3 PM to update the public on any new information into the investigation of the Mega City Mall explosion.




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Dec 05 2017

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Press Release Assignment

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Reilly Mahon


Morningside College

1501 Morningside Ave

Sioux City, Iowa 51106

Morningside Student selected for internship with Chuck Grassley.

December 5, 2017


Nat Simpson has been selected to intern for Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley.

She is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. She currently studies Graphic Design at Morningside College.

She applied by an application that had a get-to-know section and short essay about why she wants to be an intern for Chuck Grassley.

She will be learning what it is like to work in the federal government and work for a Senator.

Over 1,000 people applied for this internship. She stood out by her many hours of volunteer work in her hometown.

The internship will be six weeks long and will start in February of 2018.

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Nov 17 2017

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Mari Pizzini: A Long Way from Home

A young woman from Montana comes into the Fundamentals of Journalism classroom, ready to learn something new she didn’t know before.

Her name is Mari Pizzini, and she’s initially from Helena, Montana. Helena, Montana is 971 miles from Sioux City, Iowa.

She graduated from Helena High in June of 2017. She is a freshman and came to Morningside on a scholarship in bowling, which is a new program at Morningside.

It is unique and uncommon to be a bowler in Montana. She is the first in the state and the second girl in Montana to get a bowling scholarship.
That’s the reason why she came to Iowa. The bonus is that her boyfriend also got a scholarship from Morningside College and came with her to Sioux City.

Back in Helena, she in the high school band for six years, playing the clarinet, which is something that we have in common. Her first dream job was to be a band teacher.

She is a double major in Mass Communications and English at Morningside College; she has a lot on her plate at the moment. She wants to do two majors.

She says, “I wanted to do English and Music originally, and I want to be an editor one day. So, I decided to go with English and Mass Communications instead to have more abilities as an editor.”

Her dream job is to be an editor for a publishing company. She mentioned Penguin publishing company and wants to edit magazines too.

“It is hard to do a double major sometimes,” she said, “18 credits is not easy to do in a semester.”

She says that she’s earning 16 credits this semester. But for the rest of her time at Morningside, she’ll be working towards 18 credits a semester.

She talked a little bit about her position on the bowling team. She is the fourth position, which means that she sets up the anchor and makes sure that the fifth spot performs well.

I asked her what’s has changed about her since coming from Montana to Iowa and going to Morningside College this semester.

She said, “I have become more responsible. I have been meeting new people this semester. I like Sioux City better than Helena because there’s no snow on the ground right now. Helena already has about half to a foot of snow.”




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