Magazine Leads Exercise

September 8th, 2016

The magazine I chose was called Iowa Outdoors. I really like the lead in the article, “New Book Examines Life of the Endangered Greater-Prairie Chicken”.

I identified the lead to be the second paragraph of the article. “Skillfully interweaving lyrical accounts from early settlers, hunters. and pioneer naturalists, writer Greg Hoch reveals that the bird played a key role in Midwest settlement, but as a result of over harvest and habitat destruction, its numbers plummeted. The book introduces readers to not only the species, but to tall grass prairie and population ecology in a non-jargon manner.” (Iowa Outdoors 16)

This lead works because it fits with the title of the article. It uses nice adverbs like, skillfully, interweaving and plummeted. The ‘who’ is writer Greg Hoch and the bird. The ‘what’ is a book about a bird. The ‘when’ will touch on the settler days through the present. The ‘where’ is the Midwest. The ‘why’ is because these birds are now endangered. We are encouraged to read on to find the ‘how’. It grabbed my attention because it states that this bird played a key role in Midwest settlement. I now want to know why and how that was possible, so it makes me consider wanting to read this new book.

Rewrite #1. – Writer Greg Hoch masterfully intertwines accounts from original Midwest settlers that explain the importance of the Greater Praire- Chicken and what caused their decline. This book will also introduce readers to more facts on this flamboyant bird.

Rewrite #2– The story of how now endangered Prairie- Chickens helped the lives in Midwest settlers can be found in Greg Hoch’s new book.

Rewrite #3– Booming from the Mists of Nowhere, written by Greg Hoch, is a story based off of the accounts of early settlers and hunters about the evolution of the endangered Prairie-Chicken in the Midwest.

Rewrite #4– Greg Hoch’s Booming from the Mists of Nowhere masterfully weaves accounts from early settlers, pioneers, and hunters on the importance of the Praire-Chicken and the unfortunate events of their over harvesting. This informational book will also introduce readers to other aspects of the once abundant prairie lands.

Rewrite #5– The flamboyant Prairie- Chicken is now getting its own story on how it impacted settlers in the Midwest and their tragic downfall. Greg Hoch’s Booming from the Mists of Nowhere tells the story of these endangered feathered creatures.

3 Responses to “Magazine Leads Exercise”

  1. fuglsang on September 11, 2016 1:10 pm

    “Harvest” is one of my least favorite euphemisms. Why can’t hunters just say kill?

    You made this a bit more difficult by using a story about a book you haven’t read. Being able to use your reactions to the book would have given you more options. (Keep these leads in mind in a week or two when we start talking about reviewing.) Lead #5 gives you the most feature-ish option.

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