Animal Crackers

September 3rd, 2016

It turns our that even on a college campus, students refuse free food. Also, if you carry around a Frozen box, it’s a great conversation starter.

I was passing out Frozen themed Cinnamon Graham crackers to both friends and strangers as I went to class and the cafeteria. The people who agreed to take some were all girls. When I would approach a group of people I would  say, “Hey, I’m trying to get rid of these snacks, would you like one?”

The girls who agreed to take them had differing reactions from each other. Some got all excited and replied, “Oh my gosh yes!” Some girls were more caught of guard and looked sort of confused, especially the one’s that didn’t know me. They would just reply, “Ok sure” and smile.

I also had a lot of rejections to the treats. When I asked a guy “Hey do you want one of these?” he replied, “No, I’m trying to cut weight”. I later found out that he was a wrestler. One girl asked if the animal crackers were cinnamon flavored, I was unaware what flavor they were so I actually had to look at the box. They were indeed cinnamon flavor, so they she politely refused because of that. Another girl refused  due to health issues, she wasn’t allowed to eat them. She actually apologized to me since she couldn’t take one. All the people who rejected the snack did seem appreciative of my offer though.

Overall, people seemed to be more interested in the actual box and packaging than the treat itself. Everyone who got Olaf on their package got really excited and made some remark on how cute he was. A person even brought to my attention that there was a cut -out finger puppet on the box that I hadn’t noticed. One girl made the remark that she has only seen the movie Frozen twice, but would love to watch it again. I now have the responsibility of bringing my DVD to college and then host a movie night.

3 Responses to “Animal Crackers”

  1. fuglsang on September 11, 2016 12:45 pm

    The first graf makes for a good lead, Rachael. It summarizes the experience, and gives the reader something to look forward to.

    Pretty good on the show/tell. We’ll talk more about that this week. When you make a subjective observation, you follow it with an appropriate objective example.

    You’ll have to discuss how mivie night goes.

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