March 19th, 2015

In Vivian’s opening monologue I was able to learn that she is very lonely and misses her teaching career. She talks of her love of words and poetry. She also tells of how she has cancer and that she is a research experiment. Just from her monologue we get that sense that she is a scholar who is deeply upset with the current circumstances. I honestly don’t know if I would like to have a professor like her. I feel like I would dislike the class and struggle with it. It would be a good challenge for me, but she seems like she is above everyone else. She seems like the type of smart person who knows that they are smart and seems to boast without even realizing it. I’m glad that she has a passion for poetry, but she has to realize that there is more to life. I would honestly be afraid of asking her for any type of help.

The scene when Vivian remembers back to her childhood shows how she first learned how to read and how she learned vocabulary.  It showed how her father was supportive of her reading and wanting to learn by helping her define a big word. I thought it was interesting how they would show the child version of her and then have the present Vivian doing the same actions, reliving the moment. It concerned me how she was imagining her Dad in the hospital room and how she was talking out loud to nothing. It made me wonder if she had any mental condition or maybe even depression.  That could be a possibility because she never had any visitors and she also never watched TV and just talked to herself.

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