Thanksgiving Break


Thanksgiving break means things should be quiet enough for a few upgrades. Chiefly AIMS/AIX UNIX machine as I've already done my VMWare upgrades... Luckily, the cloud is still anchored firmly to the ground. … [Continue reading]

Network Projectors


Projectors are popular on campus for good reason. People are visual creatures and nothing is more visual than a 6x6 foot screen of visual goodness from your laptop to the wall via projector. The "Next Best Thing"(tm)? Network Projectors. As a … [Continue reading]

Morningside Blogs Popularity?

I did a little social networking the other day and mention to our favorite Technical Librarian (Jennifer Nelson) that, oh, by the way, we have this new thing called Wordpress... Why not try it and see what you think? I now have an email in my … [Continue reading]

Digital Library

A personal, consumer-grade box-fan began its death cries a little over two weeks ago alerting everyone to the fact that their Library server was aging and cooled only by a small fan with boards zip-tied to the ceiling tile. The machine wasn't much … [Continue reading]

Softball Complex


That lovely white octagonal building residing on the campus green now has fibre access to the rest of the campus network through its four inside wall jacks. Are you looking forward to watching the games online? … [Continue reading]