Digital Library

A personal, consumer-grade box-fan began its death cries a little over two weeks ago alerting everyone to the fact that their Library server was aging and cooled only by a small fan with boards zip-tied to the ceiling tile. The machine wasn’t much newer.

As a result, something that had been postponed indefinitely is suddenly a priority and I am digitizing “Sirsi2”. It will no longer fear electronic death as its soul has been saved. Ones and Zeros. It now runs in an imaginary computer with an imaginary processor, imaginary memory, imaginary hard-disks, imaginary everything on top of one of the most complex and inventive infrastructures possible- VMware ESX.


WordPress progress

I’ve added SSL support to this wordpress installation so that all log-in and administration activity happens over an encrypted https link.

I’ve also found that once a user logs in to the system they stay logged in when they visit another morningside user blog so they can leave comments and what have you under their normal persona.

So far the system has been pretty straight forward and at this moment I could think that it is a scalable, maintainable system. We’ll see.