Holding off on evaluating variables

There is a difference between performing a calculation and solving a problem. I’ve been considering the equation of a circle, . Except, you see, that’s not the entire thing. There’s a bit that we’ve dropped because it’s  zeroes (and therefore doesn’t affect our equation): . This equation contains the full information–everything that is necessary to draw and position […]

Naive Programming

I think that may always be the case, especially when the resulting program is a function of what I’m asked to do! I was instead considering how, give experience in mathematical reasoning and programming, one writes increasingly concise code. Because of the intense usefulness of Maths in programming, I cannot grok my fellow students’ disapproval […]

Active Directory / Python / Linux

My custom “mldap” module, which interfaces with Windows 2003 Active Directory via Python LDAP is growing again! I’ve started objectifying the code and integrating more with my Aims module. I’m 90% on a piece that does userAccountControl bits. My next goal is to create a User object that I can use to create / modify […]


Crikey, I loath PHP. I almost hated it due to an oversight in modifying this site’s scripts. return “$root/$blog_id”; The above does, in fact, work. It was getting butchered elsewhere. Every thumbnailed image in WordPress assumed that I was the only user and knew nothing of the dynamic paths. I’ve since re-written the thumbnail script […]