FreeBSD on the Desktop: How much are we giving up?


I've been running FreeBSD for awhile now. Looking back at my posts, it appears that I hammed up my Slackware installation right around the turn of the new year so near abouts three-and-a-half months. FreeBSD on the desktop, if you've experienced … [Continue reading]

Mp3’s and blog posts.

The Upload/Insert icon

Word on the street is that Morningsiders would like to embed MP3 files in their posts. This sounds like a cool idea, so I've sat down and see that Wordpress can already do something like this: brobob Sounds good. How to do it? Step 1, … [Continue reading]

Helping a little, old (rich) lady

One day, on the drive home from work, I witnessed an elderly lady in battered clothes struggling. Her wheelie basket, piled with laundry, had gotten stuck. In an unexpected and unprecendented pang of empathy, I stopped and offered assistance. … [Continue reading]

I killed my workstation…

I cannot believe it. ~120 days uptime on my Slackware13.1-AMD64 system. I decided I needed to re-arrange my office. It was time for a change. Well, everything was nearly in place. When I went to slide my (running) PC back I accidentally touched the … [Continue reading]

Little Gödel

One day, little Gödel went to class. For whatever reason---perhaps, an unhappy love affair or a bad hangover---little Gödel's teacher did not feel like teaching. Instead, he instructed the class to sum all of the integers to one hundred, that is, to … [Continue reading]