Paper topics

In the street when she yells at her son for shoe shining and she just wants him to do something better then that then compare that to the writing of the lottery when she says her daughter has to be in the drawing to. This is so wrong and I would go through the aspect of why it is okay to push your kids to do better but not push them as far as hurting themselves like she did in the lottery. The sources I would use would be some about punishing your child for what they do to a certain extent. The hard thing about that is that people have different viewpoints on how to raise and punish their child or to talk to them. It would be hard to pick out which ones would be legit and not fully opinion based. The top question I have is what is so bad with yelling or punishing your child?

In the Lottery and the jury of her peers the women are seen as the ones that do everything for the house. Like in the lottery they are cleaning the houses and taking care of the kids when they have the lottery and then they go back to work. Just like in the jury of her peers the women are in the house to grab the things and clean the house. Some sources for this topic would be how the women got treated back then and try and find sources that would list off the roles they would play. The tricky thing would be that there would be so many of them and it would be hard to pick out which one would be the right one to use. I just don’t understand why the women had to be the “home people” that toke care of everything.