When to use Morningside WordPress

It is not always sensible to host your blog on Morningside Blogs. Sometimes it is essential that you do host it here. Below is an outline of when it makes sense and when it doesn’t.


  1. Your blog is not just work/study related
  2. You want ownership of it and to take it when you leave campus
  3. You want to use the blog for “personal branding”.
  4. The site is a “throw away” single use collaboration and you don’t mind the data being stored on a third party server
  5. You want to share access with someone without a Mustang login
  6. You want to customize the look and features more than the college can provide.


  1. You are required to use a blog as part of your job/study
  2. Your data needs to be on College servers for ethical or business reasons
  3. If the intellectual property created belongs to the college
  4. If it is essential to have a morningside.edu web address
  5. If students need to access it without using up internet QUOTA
  6. If you don’t have the skill or time to evaluate third party hosting options
  7. You want to set it so that only someone with a Mustang login can read it
  8. You want to use your Mustang login to access it
  9. You want a system that *may* be able to integrate with other information systems of the College
  10. The blog is not based on a specific Course Unit and the very basic blog facility of the Learning Management System is not sufficient
  11. You are concerned about Terms of Service on third party sites


There are three places to host your blog:

1. On a third party “get a blog” service where blogs are set up and  maintained on a web site. These are good for the beginner blogger. You can make quite a few changes to the look and functions of the blog, but generally these more limited than if you hosted the blog yourself.

Useful sites to get a blog are:

2. Buy web hosting and control your own installation. This is useful if you want to control all your data and customize your blog intricately. Many hosting services cost around $100 a year and have “one click” installations for blogs. You do have to have some technical knowledge.

3. Have your blog hosted by the College as part of Morningside blogs.