Mathew’s Anecdote

Mathew O’Connell graduated in 2016 from sergeant bluffs Luton high – school. After graduating he attended Kirkwood college but only for 1 year and then he realized that Western Iowa Tech (WIT) was a better fit for him. While at WIT Mathew helped out with the streaming radio that the schools mass communications department had. That as well as him being very involved with the Sioux City conservatory of music which to this day he still goes there and helps the kids elementary aged through early high school with music theory classes. He is not able to commit as much time as he used but his passion for music is still vibrant. Since attending Morningside college Mathew has gotten involved with KMSC and that is Morningside Colleges radio station. 

Mathew still takes every opportunity he can to work with musicians and to talk to others about his experiences that he gained from the helping out with both WIT’s streaming radio station and the Morningside’s live radio station. Mathew knows that there is still a lot to be learned but in the meantime he will be sharing his knowledge with others such as the kids at the conservatory every step of the way. 

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