Where Different is a Good Thing!

SAMSUNG      Variety is the spice of life, something we all seem to enjoy, from the cars we drive to the food we eat we want something that will show others the characteristics that help us stand out from the crowd. Fourth Street, located in downtown Sioux City is known for two things: one, a local hot spot for those college students looking to blow off some steam; and two, a culinary hot spot. After visiting the Indigo Palette, we will need to add it to a unique list that sets itself apart from many of the other restaurants and bars located on 4th Street. The Indigo Palette is known for its paintings and sculptures found on every wall and also known for its live shows, many occurring each night and one can even find a wine and paint session! Even though I have discussed some of the main points about the Indigo Palette, I have yet to mentioned the lunch and dinner menu, serving unique items such as a turkey sandwich served on a cranberry roll and topped with wasabi, or a classic loosemeat that brings me back to the days of family cookouts. If you’re looking for a unique spot to stop for lunch, art, and a drink, make sure to take a trip to the Indigo Palette for a taste of something different!



Mmmmmmm loosemeat

             In this unique setting, I decided to try something much more conservative and went with a loosemeat that fit me well, Bo’s loosies—too bad the name wasn’t spelled correctly! Bo’s loosie is a loosemeat served on a bakery roll, accompanied by pickle and your choice of side—I went with a childhood favorite of mine, onion chips. Once the basket arrived, I could tell immediately that the onion chips were homemade, and the loosemeat was of perfect proportion. The onion chips had a light, crispy, golden breading which gave a crunchy contrast to the tender, juicy and perfectly cooked onion that hid itself in each breaded delight. The side of ranch gave a creamy element to the golden breading, and also the loosemeat if anyone enjoys ranch on everything, similar to me! Bo’s loosie was an interesting loosemeat to say the least, and one I enjoyed. It was made from ground beef, minced onion, pepper, salt, and from what I could tell a tomato based sauce, similar to ketchup. After one bite I knew this loosemeat was made for me, and with each bite came a sharp taste of salt which I enjoy. This savory flavor was a perfect blend to the juicy ground beef and slight spice coming from the coarse ground black pepper. Another great piece to this portrait was the bakery roll, which was fresh and melted in my mouth with each bite. Many restaurants I had been to previously would serve a loosemeat on a Kaiser roll which adds too much starch to the juicy ground beef and seasonings permeating the entire meal. The serving size at Indigo Palette was perfect for me, but for those who crave a more at lunch time may find the serving size a bit underwhelming. The service was friendly for such a large group, and the prices were incredible, with my lunch costing a total of $4.50! Not only does the Indigo Palette offer an art gallery and bar serving more than a handful of mix drinks and beer, they offer a solid lunch at an afford price. I would give the Indigo Palette 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth, and would recommend it to anyone in the downtown area looking for a quick lunch at an affordable price!


A few things from the menu!