Rollin’ on the River!

SAMSUNG            Have you ever overlooked a restaurant because you thought it would be out of your price range? Well, this happened to me and was the reason I avoided Bev’s on the River altogether. After attending Bev’s, I was surprised at how affordable their lunch menu could be! Once arriving, I could tell it was an upscale restaurant but nothing I couldn’t handle, Bev’s is quite spacious, and I was greeted with friendly salutations from each employee. Their lunch menu is mainly sandwiches, including a classic Rueben or Black Angus burger, and one can expect to spend around $11 with their drink included. Even though Bev’s on the River is an upscale restaurant located on the Missouri river in Sioux City, it can accommodate any wallet!



We eat with our eyes


Oh, the humanity!


A sweet ending

            For my venture onto the river, I decided to go with the lunch special, a three meat calzone accompanied by a fresh salad. The salad arrived first and was quite refreshing to say the least, and was made up of iceberg lettuce, cheese, fresh red onion, and ranch dressing. With each bite, the refreshing crunch of the iceberg lettuce and onion along with the creamy shredded cheese and ranch dressing complimented each other perfectly. One item that set the salad apart from others was the breadstick that accompanied the salad and reminded me of a freshly fried doughnut covered in parmesan cheese. The crust of the breadstick was crunchy and delicious, and was that slight difference that put the salad over the top. My calzone arrived just as I finished my salad, and one word that came to mind was “wow!” The calzone completely covered the plate and I could tell it was baked to perfection. At first I questioned myself, how am I to attack such a monster, but I said “go for it!” As I pulled away the first piece of crust, I was surprised at the airiness of the breading, which was as light as a fresh piece of bread straight from the bakery. I could tell that the crust would not be too filling, an advantage of a lighter crust. As I tunneled my way further, I found a smooth marinara sauce, creamy mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, Italian sausage, and beef. The mozzarella was plentiful with each bite, and gave that creamy element needed with the heat felt from the pepperoni and Italian sausage. The marinara was perfect for the calzone and was not overpowering, leaving a creamy element to cleanse your mouth from the spice of the sausage. Since tiramisu is my favorite dessert, I had to order it following this filling special, and once it arrived, I knew I was in dessert heaven for the second time this semester! It was layered with lady fingers and cream and looked too pretty to eat! The creaminess of each layer along with the lady fingers was a complete delight, while the lady fingers were as light as a cloud. I could envision myself coming back and ordering this dessert as a meal! The service was friendly and accommodating, and their lunch prices were not as high as expected—my lunch special and salad cost a total of $8.50. Bev’s is an upscale restaurant, and one should expect to dress in classy attire. I would give my overall meal 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth and would recommend it to anyone interested in a classy restaurant serving great food.