A Journey Into the Caribbean




Humus…always a great choice!

Growing up, I believed we were born with that desire to try new and unique things and I remember walking up to the cashier with my parents, passing the massive shelves of candy and asking them if I could try a Milky Way or a Butterfinger, the candies I had yet to experience. Well, considering the variety of food choices Siouxland has to offer, I had not experienced Caribbean, so what better place to choose than Rebos located in downtown Sioux City on historic 4th? Although many know 4th street as a weekend favorite for college students looking to blow off a little steam after long days of study, it is also home to a restaurant serving up unique, Caribbean fare. Rebos serves everything from chimichangas and burgers to wings and humus, and has a vast selection of food for anyone willing to try something different. Upon entering, one will find an ocean mural across the wall, which fits the theme of the restaurant perfectly! Rebos is also quite accommodating if you are looking to bring in a group of friends or colleagues for lunch or dinner, and the service is friendly. With that being said, what will be my meal of choice on this journey into the Caribbean?



The special

            For my next chewing adventure, I chose the lunch special, a unique burger that surprised me when it arrived. It was cooked medium well and broken into multiple pieces, reminding me of the lose meat one would find at a local Tastee’s or Mile’s Inn. The burger was made of beef, ground with bell peppers and pineapple. It is worth mentioning that I was not able to taste the pineapple, an unfortunate experience since the sweet tang of the pineapple would blend perfectly with the spice and crunch of the pepper. The burger was topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato along with a surprise cut of brie, while the bread was toasted quite similarly to a grilled cheese sandwich. After my first few bites I noticed inconsistencies, I was unable to taste any pineapple. When I reached the middle, I was able to find the majority of the toppings along with the bre, but I struggled to find it in other parts of the burger. The meat was juicy with each bite and was perfectly cooked, with the best part being the crunchy, butter toasted bread along with the crunch of the bacon (in case you didn’t already notice, I enjoy a nice crunch for a satisfying chewing experience). The creamy brie added a contrast to the crunch of the bacon and bread, and the savory juices from the ground beef. The burger was served with country potatoes covered in a chili cheese sauce. What I enjoyed most about this side was the connection I made with my grandma, who taught me many things in the kitchen, one of which includes a pan seared cut of potato that reminds me of a type of hash. The potato was cooked perfectly with a nice, seared crunch on the outside and topped with a chili sauce and shredded cheese which added a spicy kick, while the cheese added a creamy, cooling element to the side. Even though the smothered potatoes were cooked perfectly and added uniqueness to the dish, the burger did not live up to the same expectations since each bite was inconsistent and one of the main ingredients—pineapple—was not present. While the service was friendly and accomodating, and the murals on the wall fit the restaurant for the most part, overall I give Rebos a 2.5 out of 4 wisdom teeth!