Da Food at Da Kao



At first glance, I assumed Da Kao was one of those restaurants that served strange food that I wouldn’t enjoy. This is one of the problems when we don’t try to find things out on our own, and we make assumptions that can keep us from experiencing great things. Unfortunately, these assumptions cost me from experiencing excellent Vietnamese food from Da Kao! Upon entering, one will be welcomed with multiple paintings and art that will take them on a journey into Vietnamese culture. Once seated by a friendly wait staff, you will find an assortment of choices on the menu, and will be able choose from authentic Vietnamese food, or if you wish to take a more conservative approach, they have a friendly Chinese menu as well. Some familiar favorites include egg rolls and crab ragoon, while some unique choices include pork soup and duck. Price will not be an issue, as one should expect to spend around $7 with each meal! The crab ragoon has always been a favorite of mine for its crunch shell and creamy filling, but let’s venture off into authentic territory!



Too much!

            For my first experience with Vietnamese food, I decided to choose one of their famous soup bowls, which consisted of pork, egg noodles, and a wonton. Before the meal, I had an idea of what to expect, thanks to the Food Network. I expected an oversized bowl filled with vegetables, noodles, and tasty broth, with the broth being my favorite part of a college favorite, ramen noodles! When the bowl arrived, I was surprised at the massive amount of food! How was the chef able to fit that much food in one bowl? The dishes appearance was quite lovely, and it reminded me of a meal a construction worker would look forward to following a hard day’s work. The pork was lightly colored and appeared juicy, while the broth was full of onions, chives, and rich golden broth. I began my dive into the bowl by sipping the broth, which was creamy and greasy. The vegetables were earthy and crunchy, while the pork was juicy and tender, although I did not enjoy the flavor of the pork because of its sweetness. I expected the wonton to be similar to the shell of crab ragoon, but it was soft and tender rather than crunchy. The crunch of the vegetables along with the ramen noodles gave contrast to the creamy and flavorful broth. When it comes to service, the staff was friendly and able to accommodate our large group which can be difficult, especially during lunch time. The price was also reasonable, and if you choose to take this venture just as I did, expect a bill around $6.50! I would recommend Da Kao for anyone who wishes to try authentic Vietnamese food, and I look forward to returning. Taking all things into consideration, I would give Da Kao 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth! One thing to note, make sure you bring an empty stomach!