A Tale of Two Dogs


Scale at Milwaukee

Looking for friendly family establishments serving excellent food can be difficult, but downtown Sioux City has two in particular, Milwaukee Weiner House and Coney Island. Not only do these fine establishments serve family friendly meals, they give us the opportunity to take a step back in time. When entering either restaurant, you will be welcomed with classic Americana, and a setting that breathes nostalgia. Upon entering Milwaukee Weiner, you will be graced with antique coke bottles, a classic weight scale, and many booths telling the story of yesteryear. The same can be said for Coney Island, where you will find classic Morningside College memorabilia, along with signs and photographs that will make you proud to be an American. SAMSUNGNow while they give us a chance to go back in time, they also serve the finest hot dogs in the city. My goal for the day is to attend both establishments and compare and contrast their dogs, chili sauce, toppings, and overall taste, won’t you care to join me on this tasteful journey?




     In order to compare and contrast Milwaukee Weiner and Coney Island, I decided to order one dog at each establishment. My first stop was Milwaukee Weiner, where I ordered one with everything—everything being mustard, chili, and onion. One of the unique things one will find at Milwaukee is their chili sauce, which isn’t much of a sauce at all! The chili ‘sauce’ is composed mainly of ground beef, seasoning and water, and even though it may sound quite simple, the taste is anything but. Although the dog in general was small, it was juicy and flavorful, and had a nice crust around the outside created from the flat grill. The bun was airy and light, and held the dog and chili nicely, although a few of the onions did manage to find their way on to the plate. The mustard and crunch of the onion, along with the crispy crust of the dog contrasted the light and airy bun, while the mustard and onion allowed for a zesty bite to suck you in. The dogs were not badly priced as well, as one will spend under $3 for one with everything.


Coney Island

The next stop was Coney Island, where I ordered one Coney dog with everything—also including mustard, chili, and onion. To begin, the chili at Coney Island was similar to Milwaukee’s, consisting of ground beef, water and seasonings. At first glance, Coney’s dog was bigger than Milwaukee’s, so size does matter! The dog was juicy and tender and similar to Milwaukee, and had that same crust as well. Another difference between the two establishments was the bun, both were light and airy, but Coney’s was soggy, which helped to keep the toppings from falling out, one of the problems I had at Milwaukee. The crunch of the onion along with the zip from the mustard added a nice contrast to the dog, but the onion was stronger at Coney’s, which gave uniqueness to the overall flavor.

Now onto the main question, which establishment was superior? If we are looking at taste alone, I would give the edge to Coney Island due to their bigger and superior tasting dog and onion, yet I prefer Milwaukee’s establishment to Coney’s because of the atmosphere and size. If you decide to take a trip to either place, you will find friendly service and unique Americana that only adds to the experience. This is one of those debates only YOU can settle, so take a trip to each establishment and decide for yourself! I give Milwaukee Weiner 3 out of 4 wisdom teeth, and I give Coney 3.5 out of 4!