Inauguration at Red Bones Cafe

I typically begin my day by brushing my teeth, taking a shower and shaving. Following my typical routine, I collect my school books, notebooks and computer and head to the Morningside Campus, and on my way, I typically take a trip down West 7th street, passing by an unknown treasure known as Red Bones Café. Red bones Now while I pass by the café daily, I have never considered stopping for lunch, but the main question is why? While I have no answer, I am glad I finally made that pit stop! Before entering, I was welcomed by the simple, but accurate slogan: Food for the soul. After being seated, one will find soul food staples such as mac and cheese, baked beans and collard greens. One of their famous dishes is the fried catfish, and what compliments the food better than the taste and hospitality is the reasonable prices where one can order a four piece chicken dinner and sides for under $10! You really can’t beat that! The menu is varied as well, offering everything from catfish and country fried chicken to chicken wings and pasta, a menu for the whole family. The atmosphere and friendly staff only adds to the great food, and one should expect a small, cozy dining area. The only complaint I have lies on my shoulders for not taking a step away from my typical routine and making a pit stop to a place serving food for the soul.


           Red Bones 11 For my inaugural meal at Red Bones Café, I decided to try a childhood favorite of mine, country fried chicken with cornbread, and for my two sides I chose mac-n-cheese and baked beans.  As the food arrived, I was shocked at the amount of food I received for the price, another meal under $10! The country fried chicken was incredible to say the least, the chicken was lightly breaded and topped with a creamy gravy. The breading was light and crunchy, while the chicken was seasoned with a Cajun spice, giving a mellow heat with every bite. The creamy country gravy helped to mask the spice even further for those not looking for the extra kick. The mac-n-cheese and baked beans were completely homemade, as was the chicken. The mac-n-cheese noodles were boiled perfectly, leaving us with a tender, melt-in-your-mouth creation. The best part of the mac-n-cheese was the rich, golden cheese that topped these noodles, a nice creamy contrast to the crunch of the country fried chicken. The baked beans and cornbread were the only sides remaining that were teasing my taste buds. The beans were tender and juicy, while the sauce was smoky and tomato based, which added a creamy element to the crunch of the chicken. Minced pieces of sausage were a pleasant surprise I found in the baked beans, which added uniqueness to the side. I decided to hold off on the cornbread and honey since it would be the perfect finishing touch. The cornbread was light and flaky, and the honey added a natural sweetness to complete the dish, and did I mention how filling the meal was? This is one meal where I could not find any flaws, and the service was fast and friendly. I will be returning to Red Bones Café the next chance I have, and would recommend it to anyone. If you are looking for a quick meal, this may not be the perfect place, since the kitchen takes its time, focusing on each meal, but the flavor of the food justifies the extra wait time. I give Red Bones a perfect 4/4 wisdom teeth!