Emma Watson Speech Exercise

Broadcast Lede: Emma Watson gave a special speech to the young activists of the world yesterday at the One Young World Convention in Ottawa, Canada.

Print Story: Emma Watson, known for both her roles in the Harry Potter movies and her feminist activist movements, inspired people from around the globe at the One Young World Convention in Ottawa, Canada.

She told her own life story after becoming the face of activism and the difficulties she faces because of it. However, that was just a starting point for her speech.

Watson’s speech was an introduction to the first scholarship winners from One Young World and emphasized the importance of the different activist movements, including gender equality. She refers to the different forms of feminist activism movements as “an unstoppable current” that come from combining various backgrounds and identities.

The One Young World Convention is an organization to bring young leaders from around the world together and participate in debates while sharing ideas and solutions for world problems.

About One Young World, Watson said it “isn’t about what I, each of us individually, can do, but what we can do, working together, supporting and listening to each other.”




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    I like the print lede, Sondra. I would trim the broadcast lede a bit: Actress Emma Watson inspired young activists yesterday at the One Young World Convention. The listener may not know what One Young World is, but what will more likely catch their attention is Watson’s name and “activists.”

    The rest of the story flows nicely.

    fuglsang - November 9th, 2017 at 8:34 am

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