Assignments 4-12

Human Interest

Rachel Spier holding her cat Suki. She has wanted an orange cat for a while now, so her getting this cat made her extremely happy.


This is Sylvie, Camrie Miranda’s cat in Papillion, NE. Sylvie is a gray and white cat that has been in the Miranda household for a few years. Sylvie is a Russian Blue cat. Another cat not pictured that the Mirandas have is a white cat named Snowbie. She is a Khao Manee.

Sports / Competition

A show choir competition in La Vista, Nebraska. Brylie Miranda is in the second row from the front in the red dress on the left. They placed 3rd after the competition was done.

On The Job

Moonshine Russel (laying down) and Rudy (the Ref) doing their jobs. Both Moonshine and Rudy make their livings by doing staged wrestling very similarly to how actors make their income.


An Asian version of a corndog. This is a spiral corndog similar to something that would be found at an American carnival. The bottom half of the corndog is a hotdog type food, but made out of fish. Then the top half is filled with melted cheese. This can be made in the microwave, oven, or air fryer.


An empty chair inside of the library on the Morningside Campus.


An evening picture of a car parked looking at the other parked cars. The windshield is covered in rain and there is a little figurine on the car’s dash.


Nathan Ewertz and his son Landon at Ken Ewertz’s farm. Nathan explores the whole farm with his son. Ken is somewhere deep in the corn. It is hard to see him in this picture, but he is there!


After an intense snow storm in Fargo, ND the grass and sidewalks are covered in snow. The trees are also covered in snow, making them look very delicate.

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