Portraits Reading Quiz

The chapter about Portraits discusses a few specific parts of a portrait that makes a good portrait. It states that there are clues that point to the inner person of someone. Those clues include face, eyes, and body language. The chapter also discusses the difference between going into a photoshoot with nothing planned versus going into a photoshoot with a solid idea of what you want to shoot. I think this portrait of me is a well taken photo and I do love it. I think it gets my, then, theater kid vibes as well as I think they positioned me well enough to get a posed shot without my body language looking too stiff. My photographer also took a few photos that I was genuinely laughing in, and I also really liked those, but they all have water marks on them and I feel it would be a little unnecessary for this assignment. I think that this photo captured the face and body language well. Through the way I am lit up and posed my face is well lit and my pose looks fairly comfortable (even if it wasn’t at the time). 

I think the main issue this image “gets wrong” is my eyes. I am struggling even now to see the way my eyes look. In a majority of the other edited photos I got back, you can see my eyes as they are a little better lit. Sadly, this image doesn’t have the same clarity as my other images do. It is because of this that I feel like you can’t really get the full picture here. Yes it was a staged photo in a studio, but I feel like it just doesn’t hit as home as — for example — my senior photo. I think this could probably be fixed by taking it into a program like Photoshop and lightening my eyes (and the spots around them) just a little bit. 

My senior photo from Fargo, ND.

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