News Comment #12

28 11 2012

The chance to become the next multimillionaire will happen tonight around 11 pm. According to an article written by Kaitlynn Riely of The Pittsburgh Press.

Two people were interviewed about the Powerball drawing and both of them bought a ticket.  At $2 a ticket, why not buy one to attempt to win that much money?

Riely points out there are only a one in 175 million of a chance of actually winning this amount of money.  The reason this amount of money has grown to what it is is because since October 6, no one has won in the 15 times they have held drawings.

One of the interviewees won a lottery game in 1979 so he hopes that will bring him luck with tonight’s contest.  Paul Woods says “You gotta be optimistic.”  If Mr. Woods won the lottery he would donate the money to charity. He would also open a place for homeless veterans to stay and then use the rest to take care of his children and grandchildren.

The article ends with good advice. “You can’t win it if you ain’t in it.”

An article like this is newsworthy because for one, it’s happening right now.  This is a big Powerball and it’s got a lot of peoples’ attentions.  An amount of money this big doesn’t happen often so that’s another reason it has many people trying to win.  Another reason this story is newsworthy is because this news doesn’t happen very often.  It’s not odd but it’s rare.

One thing I may have done differently with this story or added to it was talk to a convenient store worker or another place they are selling the tickets.  I would be interested as a reader to hear from a worker what people’s reactions are to this amount of money.



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5 12 2012
  fuglsang (04:24:17) :

This is also an easy story, Paige, and lends itself to good video. An opportunity for interaction with sources.

Good discussion.