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Multi-level societies aren’t only for big brains.

We are not the only species who have multi-layered societies, according to a study published in Current Biology.

Current Biology is an open access journal that publishes scientifically accurate research. This study was conducted in order to research the relationship between brain size and multi-level societies. Damien Farine led research on baboons’ hierarchal societies. While studying the baboons he began to watch the vulturine guineafowl wondering around his study site.

The vulturine guineafowl is a larger bird which resides in eastern Africa. Farine noticed that these “pea-brained” guineafowl had a multi-level society, much like baboons. Farine said the guineafowls do not only have small brains relative to mammals, but relative to other birds as well.

The study presents information on the idea that small brained animals may also have the ability to create multi-level societies. These are societies where groups are within groups within the population as a whole. Research states that the guineafowl choose other specific groups to be around as well as sleep around. This shows that much like humans; these birds are capable of choosing groups of their species to be around. 


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