Being a Student Athlete

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Being a Student Athlete

After a week of teachers loading you up with school work, practices, lifting, games and working a job on the weekends, that doesn’t leave a person with a lot of time. You know that school work is due the next week but you figure you have time and you keep putting it off until its due the next morning at 8AM. Procrastination only leads to stress. Many student athletes have been put into this scenario and have had to learn the hard way, but organization is key.

Staying organized and not procrastinating are two very important ideas to practice on a daily basis. Ashley Boer is a junior advertising major at Morningside College who understands that these steps in college are worth the extra time. 

Here are some tips from Boer about how to better organize your time as a student athlete, “Having a planer and being able to write out all of your assignments helps keep you ahead of the game and on track” Boer continues, “also, having an area that is quiet and organized helps you stay focused. Boer stresses that these are not easy habits to acquire, but with dedication it will help you in the long run.

Being a student athlete is stressful, but how well do we understand the pressure that athletes feel during a semester. With classes and practices every day, it may be hard to find some free time to do fun things. Anthony Ventura is a senior at Morningside who plays football. Ventura has been at Morningside college for two and a half years.

 While juggling football practices and study sessions, he explains that there is little time for fun, “There are always papers and assignments that are due, so thinking about being able to go out with friends on weekends during season is not likely.” Finding a balance is important so that athletes can enjoy their college years. 

This may be hard but here are some helpful tips that Ventura has learned to implement, “Being organized and trying to get ahead before the weekend rolls around gives you more time on weekends to go out and do fun things.”

Being a student athlete isn’t all negative. There are many great opportunities waiting for you after college and being a student athlete only helps you to achieve those opportunities. 

Sonora Foresman is a Senior at Morningside College who runs track. Foresman explains how track has helped build her up for the world after graduation, “Being involved in a team is very attractive to employers because they like to see people who have practiced time management and leadership skills.”  Being a part of a team and learning how to work well with others is a huge part of the working world. Foresman says,”Being able to say I was a captain and that I had to resolve arguments between players is what help me get my job after college.” 

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