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With the rise of tuition prices, students feel the pressure during school and even after they graduate. Tuition prices have increased 36% from 2008 to 2018 leaving student loan payments averaging $400 in monthly payments. Morningside nursing student Emma Gerber agrees college is very expensive. “Quote from Emma about loans and expenses of college.”  

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Many college students think e-cigarette use is relatively harmless but that assumption is far from the truth. Nicotine not only is highly addictive but also places youth at risk. The brain is not fully developed until the age of 25 and exposure to nicotine can causing lasting cognitive and behavioral issues. Morningside student Rylie Muhlbauer comments on the increased usage of vaping at her college. “Quote from Rylie.” 

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Morningside Volleyball advances to the National tournament after their team win Wednesday night at Dakota Wesleyan University. A lot was on the line for the team, if they didn’t win this game they wouldn’t have advanced to the National Tournament. Assistant coach Braden Hall shares his thoughts on the outcome of the game. “Quote from Braden about the game.”