Alex Watters: Involved in Sioux City, Involved with Students

City Council member and Career Development Specialist Alex Watters shares stories and answers questions for an interviewing segment in Professor Fulgsang’s Journalism Class.

Growing up in a small town, Watters was a normal child who looked up to his father. His dad was the Sheriff and introduced Watters to politics. Ever since then, he continued with that interest and made it into a career.

Before he got into politics, Watters had a dream to one day be a Golf instructor, as he was very good at it. However, his dream changed when he got into an accident during his Freshman year of college at Morningside. The accident led to him not being able to golf anymore, along with other things.

Once Watters recovered from his accident, he couldn’t fulfill his golf dream anymore. This led to new plans and new dedications, because he still had interest in politics.

After grad school, Watters came back to Sioux City and ran for Board of Supervisors in 2016. He lost. He, then, ran for City Council member the next year. He got in. Watters was able to make changes, and encourage disability access points throughout the city.

Not only does he change lives for the general people of Sioux City, but he helps out students plan their careers as Career Development Specialist at Morningside College.

He has been working at Morningside for 6 years, the Career Services part for 2 years. Watters loves to see the students succeed. It is a fulfillment for him.

Watters is a busy man. You can find him at city events or watching his students play during their games. No matter how busy his schedule is, he always stays optimistic. Watters said, “You truly determine your destiny and what you’re going to do and what you are going to achieve.”

His accident didn’t stop him from continuing on with his life. Now, he motivates others to do the same. “The skies the limit,” he said. It is and Watters will push forward to continue helping others.

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