Scavenger Hunt on Morningside Campus

A surprise scavenger happened today from my Journalism class.

The objective is to learn how to communicate well and ask questions to strangers.

There were two objects to find; #1 is to get a picture of the subject and #2 is to have a conversation about sports with another subject.

My conversation about sports was with Freshman Emily Cloffelter. She is on the tennis team here at Morningside. She said they are currently practicing during this fall season. Cloffelter said, “I am excited for the season to begin.”

The next object was the photo I got was of Freshman Amber Deuel. She said she enjoys it here at Morningside. She feels like the semester is taking forever so far, but as a senior, I reassured her that time will start to fly by once finals comes around the corner.

Amber Deuel

1 thought on “Scavenger Hunt on Morningside Campus

  1. This was also supposed to be a descriptive exercise, but I didn’t manage my time well. This ended up coming before the food assignment.

    If Amber feels like time is dragging now, she will be hurting by Halloween.


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