In Delaware, a six year old boy was recently suspended for bringing a weapon to school.  Apparently the weapon was a Swiss army knife he had received in cub scouts and planned to eat with the knife, not use it violently.  However, according to the school’s no tolerance policy, the boy is suspended and must attend a reform school for 45 days.   The boy’s parents and some school officials want to change this policy and take back the sentence since the child did not have a violent intent with the knife.  This issue is causing a large amount of controversy and forcing the school officials to rethink their zero tolerance policy.

This article makes me sad.  I feel sorry for the little boy who obviously did not want to use the knife for harm.  He simply wanted to play with his new toy at school and eat with it.  However, the knife was still a weapon and I feel the school did the right thing.  I think that no matter who the student is, they should be repremended for bringing weapons to school.  It is a rule, and he should of followed it.  Now, I realize he is only six years old and obviously does not always understand what is appropriate for school or not.  In this case it should be up to the parents to make sure nothing like this happens.  Especially an incident like this that was merely an accident.  This little boy learned “to always ask before taking something new to school.”  The parents should have been watching.  I feel that if the school changes their policy it will become harder to determine who is innocent and who deserves reform school.

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