Police: Girl, 13, rode in cardboard box atop van

In Albertville, Alabama, a woman was pulled over recently with a cardboard box on the top of her van. The woman said the box was secure because her daughter (13) was inside the box weighing it down. Apparently, the box was attached to the roof by a clothes hanger. The mother has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Fortunately, the daughter was okay and is currently under the custody of a relative.

All I can say is wow. How stupid could a person be? I do not know what kind of thoughts went through that woman’s mind before she decided placing her daughter in a cardboard box on the top of a moving vehicle was a good idea. That is definitely not mother of the year material. Moreover, I cannot believe she justified her actions by saying the box was safely secured with a clothes hanger! If the box does not fit in the van, why take it? It had to have been an empty box before the daughter was inside, so how important was it? Apparently it was more important than her child’s safety.


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