The story I found was about a 12 year old girl who helped her mom deliver a baby at home.  I thought it was an interesting story, and it had a happy ending.  I feel the broadcast does a decent job of telling the story.  It has a lot of images and enhance the story and even incorporates audio from the 911 call that makes the viewer feel like he/she was there.  The interview with the paramedic also makes the story more believable too.  The images of the baby as happy and healthy can also draw in the viewer.

I feel the print version does a good job of telling the story.  However, it does not match the video.  I would much rather watch the video because all of the images and audio makes the story seem more real.  In print form the story seems kind of bland.  In addition, the print version does not quite capture the appreciation and love that the family feels for each other.

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