Everybody knows what it’s like to have a discussion with a child. They ask what something is, does, how it works, why it does what it does, etc, etc. They want to know everything, and they won’t stop until you are thoroughly annoyed. As long as they don’t know about something, you can bet that anytime you go somewhere there will be questions when you get there, and even on the way there.

Children also have an innate ability to ask some of the darnedest questions right when they need to be asked. Having a bad day? That’s when a random child asks you something about the jacket you’re wearing. While you are telling them about it, you remember that it’s your favorite jacket, and then all the history that comes with the jacket comes rushing in, and you aren’t in a bad mood anymore. You could be arguing with a friend, and a kid will ask why you two are fighting. You tell them, and they reply with, “Well that’s a stupid reason to be fighting.” And you realize that they’re right.

Besides being able to ask the right question at the right time, and asking the most annoying questions, children also ask some of the funniest things that you’ll ever hear. I remember a kindergartner at my old school asking my friend if she could have her hair. I also remember several other things that were asked by the elementary students, and ended up being answered by the high schoolers. There was a lot of laughing when some of the questions were asked, and sometimes the laughing came with the answer to the question.