One of the major problems in today’s society is gun related violence. Or rather, that’s what the media would like you to think. In fact, gun related violence isn’t really that big of a deal in everyday life, but the media coverage of it is. Since the 1990’s, gun violence has gone down. In fact, right now it’s at the lowest point it has been at in decades. On the other hand, media coverage of gun related crimes has sky rocketed by about 600%!

One of the major ways the government it fighting this so called “gun problem” is by creating stricter, and more severe laws surrounding the ability to own and possess firearms.While this might help them monitor those who obtain guns legally and lawfully, it will not stop criminals from getting firearms. In fact, it will make the jobs of criminals easier, because less and less people will want to go through the hassle of getting a permit to have a firearm.

Something that the government can do to help the people? Make it easier for law abiding citizens to get firearms to protect themselves. While you might question why this would be helpful, it truly would be. Think about it. If you are confronted by an armed robber, would you feel better being able to pull your own gun to try and protect yourself? Or would you feel better handing over your purse, or wallet, and being scared to death they might just shoot you anyway?

Just remember, when you need it in seconds, help is only a few minutes away.