Week Six: Sexual Consent

This short video was on sexual consent. It was very humorous and started with a guy that pulled out a legal agreement for the girl to sign before they decided to do anything sexual. The girl brought in a lawyer to look through the document. Then the boy’s lawyer started negotiating for “her client”. After the lawyers came to an agreement, another girl walks in and asks if she should get her lawyer too.

This was a really funny and clever way to bring up a more serious point: how should couples bring up sexual consent? Asking one what the other is okay doing sexually may be very awkward for some people, and in real life we can’t bring lawyers to the table to negotiate for us. It was very responsible of both the boy and girl to talk about what they were comfortable doing with each other. However, in real life third parties don’t usually get involved. So what’s the right thing for couples to do then? I feel like this video is a fun way to get people questioning their own methods of discussion when dealing with sexual consent.

1 thought on “Week Six: Sexual Consent

  1. I agree that this video was a clever way to get people to think about what they want in a relationship and how important it is to talk to your significant other. Like you said, a third party can’t and shouldn’t be the one making decisions between the couple.

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