Week Five: Creativity

This interview was about how kids are losing creativity in the current school systems. The author makes some very good points: kids starting school around now won’t retire for another 60 years; we have no clue what the future is going to look like, so creativity is very important for them to learn how to solve the future’s diverse problems. Because of this, the speaker believes that creativity is as important as any subject taught in the schools.

The speaker defines creativity as, “the process of having original ideas that have value”. He believes that everything else that we do has happened because of this power to imagine and create. He says that it is, “absolutely at the heart of what it is to be a human being”. He also cautions that it is not just about the arts either; creativity can be found in any subject.

Those that aren’t ready to be wrong will never come up with anything original. Kids are not frightened of being wrong, but by the time they reach adulthood they have lost much of this feeling. They are afraid to be wrong because others might judge them.  And our educational system is working in the same way; we are taught not to make mistakes, so people are taught out of their creativity. We need to redefine learning and teach in ways where there isn’t just one right answer.

I really liked this selection. The dialogue was a nice change in pace, and the speaker had some really interesting ideas. I feel that creativity is also important in the real world and schools need to start acting like it. I like how he supported this idea with the business people who wanted creative employees. But this isn’t the only place where creativity is needed; in my opinion, just about every job should have some creativity in it. Creativity is more than just a way to express oneself; it’s about generating new ideas and solutions that have the potential to change the future.

2 thoughts on “Week Five: Creativity

  1. I like your point about how this posting was a good different. I thought it went a lot faster as a dialogue, and it made it a lot easier to form my own opinions as though someone was directly talking to me.

  2. I agree that creativity is needed in many more areas than just in school. I also enjoyed this selection. The speaker is right when he says that as children grow up they lose their creativity. Once they hit middle school all kids want to do is impress others and not be the weird kid left out. They conform. Just think if no one cared how others thought of them think of all the crazy stuff people would be trying or doing.

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