Visual Journal_Comm. 444

I’m in my third year as an Undergrad student at Morningside College, and I still can’t seem to get a handle on the relationship I share with Mondays. In these photos, I set out a typical “Case of the Mondays” that I experience. I tried to include myself in these pictures as much as I possibly could, however, going through my daily routine (mind you it’s a busy time of year at Morningside for a student) and trying to successfully establish a shot for everything I do during the day, posed more difficulties for me, than I had originally anticipated. I think my favorite photos included are my morning ones. I feel that I appropriately conveyed my not being a morning person and established my “case of the Mondays.” Then, my final photograph of my shattered phone. It was the irony that really all day long, nothing too terrible happened, until right before bed. I appropriately told the story of a time in my life, being the present, and what a typical Monday “feels” like to me, and the different views I get on a Monday. Whether the view is in the classroom, at work, the caf, Hper, etc. However, I wish I would have gotten more shots of the people I came across. I didn’t get any of the people I talked to in between class, work, dinner, and so on. I run into quite a few people throughout my day, and some of the conversations are rather interesting. I don’t remember being too over the top this particular Monday, in that I think I would be able to recall one now if there had been a good one. I have many many photos, but I think it’s difficult trying to participate in you life, and trying to convey it in photographs at the same time. I would have much rather had someone following me around taking photographs, maybe they would have seen my Monday in a different way. Not only would it be more convenient, but it would probably be more interesting in a non-bias way.