Comm. 444_Class 4/16

I’m not quite certain what exactly was suppose to be “ambiguous” about our examples for today… whether or not they were suppose to be abstract, or if they were just suppose to sway a different emotion inside us than we think they would in other people, but… CLICK HERE for my examples of “ambiguity” using Edward Weston’s photography.

HERE is a group of photos I found from yesterday’s Boston Marathon explosion, that I think could really pull on people’s emotions.

These were some of the ones I liked the best: 23, 27, 31, 32, 33, 35, 38, 3555

And to go along with the question presented in Chapter 8, “How often do newspapers [and websites] run a photograph showing only one side of a story because the photograph is particularly strong in aesthetic values?” I’m not 100% certain if I understood this idea, but the first thing I thought of were these PHOTOS that were featured in Rolling Stone a few years ago from “The Kill Team.”