Personal Narrative-Alarming_Refined

It’s the incessant needy “BEEEP,” or maybe it’s a song I once really liked, but have now grown a hatred towards. Some days it’s my roommate getting ready to go workout, a bad dream, some times I’m not even sure what it was… But it’s what wakes me up from my magnificent slumber that really irks me.
This particular morning I woke up to my first alarm, which was set to 6:45am. I had some homework I wanted to finish up before my class at 9:15am. I looked at my alarm, and then at the comfortable bed in which I lay.
The bed won. I went back to sleep until my snooze went off 7minutes later at 6:52am. I hit the snooze again and dozed off back to sleep. I woke up somewhere around 7am to my second alarm. I decided to set an entirely new alarm for 7:25am. I fell back to sleep.
I woke up to this third set alarm, and began my homework.
I was in my bed typing away, really getting into my writing when my roommate walked in to the room. She had gotten up early to workout, and had just gotten out of the shower. She had 8am class.
“What time is it?” she asked.
I looked to the clock in the upper right hand corner of my laptop.
“7:53,” I answered.
She rushed around to change, apply some make-up, and had barely enough time to add some finishing touches to her hair.
I continued with my writing until about 8:30am. I figured it was about time I start to get ready for class. I walk out of my room into the hallway where I see another one of my apartment-mate’s door is open. I peer inside to see her sitting on her futon.
“What time is it?” she asks.
“8:30,” I reply.
“What time do you have class?” she asks.
“9:15,” I respond.
I think she just wanted to know what my plans were for that morning, I don’t think she had class until 10:30am or so… But she did say something about having to study for a test and finishing up a paper.
I figure I have 40ish minutes to get ready, and that’s if I want to be in class “almost” on time.
I’m never on time.
I know that seems disrespectful, and trust me, I try, but I just feel like I never have enough time. I’m always trying to finish something up, putting some perfecting finishing touches on a paper, or my hair.
I got to class at 9:16am, improvement from the past couple of times that I’ve actually been 5minutes late or more.
We talk about what seems like a bunch of random things, but they all pertain to our class in someway. My thoughts start to drift off. I begin making a mental list of things I need to accomplish later in the day, then for the rest of this week.
I look at the clock on my computer screen, it’s 9:58am. We still have 22minutes.
I join back in on the conversation.
I start stressing even more.
We’re talking about two stories we’ve recently had due, neither of which I’ve turned in quite yet. I felt like I haven’t had enough time to spend on them. That I haven’t put together enough information for them to be complete.
It’s 10:20am, I pack up my things and leave the class.
I need to hang up some posters I made. I told the people I would have them hung up last week.
I won’t be going into work today. Not after that class.
I’m stressed out. And there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish all the things I want to accomplish.

Time is my enemy, but I want… No, I need more of it.