Election Day Rant-Chew On This

I exercised my “right” to vote this year, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about it. I voted early, so all that Election Day really meant to me was a day free from the restraint of a classroom.

Obama, Romney… Who else was running in the election this year? Not many people can answer that question. I couldn’t even answer that question before I looked it up. Democrat, Republican… Are we still in a democracy when we’re basically only given two options?
Although the candidates “pose” and promise so many actions they will take if elected, do they really have the power to follow through? We have Congress and the House… Is the President really just a figurehead?
What is a lie, and how can you tell when the President and other government officials are telling the truth?

That’s all a lot to take in, I realize. This is the exact reason why I have remained “ignorant” about the entire topic for so long.