Charles Bass
“Who is that?”
“Oh, that’s him! I see him all the time in the library.”
“He’s really smart isn’t he?”
The three most common answers I get when asking people about the visually and intellectually interesting Charles Bass.
He has shorter brown hair, a kept beard that extends to his neck, black framed glasses, and can typically be seen wearing a turtle neck or sweater, especially this time of year. Bass has a “hipster-esque” style.
“I’m an 80 year old man stuck in a 20 year olds body,” says Bass.
Not too mention, he’s also stuck in a 20 year olds generation. A generation where Apple products rule the technology scene, Bass will choose a PC over a Mac any day, and a phone that claims to be “indestructible” over a smart phone that claims over 100,000 apps. He takes notes on a yellow legal pad in cursive, and reads… for fun. Books like Apocalypse Culture, which he claims is a “gross” and “messed up” book that changed the way he looked at a lot of things in life, and many “classics” that have been long forgotten by other people of Bass’s generation.
Bass values quality.

5 thoughts on “Profile-RealRough

  1. I really like the “80 year old trapped in 20 year old body/generation” … that seems like an awesome frame!

  2. I like the subheadings. It gives the reader an idea where the story is going. It’s an easy way to keep things organized and not confusing. Keep going with it; Charles is interesting!

  3. Good ideas to start with. Maybe try to find out who some of his friends are to get a better look at his personality. The list of ideas is a good start, now the fun part of really sitting down with him and having an extended conversation. I envy you.. I really do. Good luck!

  4. I think you have a good start. I was a bit unsure of what was happening in the first few lines, as I had no idea who was speaking. Aside from that, so far you paint a nice picture, both physically and of his personality quite nicely. I think that contrast between who he is and the world he’s living in is something worth emphasizing. Boom shakalaka.

  5. Claire has a good suggestion with the 80-year-old in the 20-year-old body. If that was the central metaphor it could direct your selection of details. It could be simplified a bit as an “old soul in a young body.” The hipster bit is right on as well. Does he own bongos?

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